What Does AIN DO?

For over 25 years (Since 1986), AIN’s prevention programs have served people living with HIV/AIDS and educated the community to help reduce the risk of transmission. New HIV infections in Dallas County are at a five-year high, making prevention more important now than ever.

HIV does not discriminate on race, gender, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic circumstances. And regardless whether one is infected with HIV/AIDS, we are all affected by HIV/AIDS.

Our Clients and Contacts

We directly serve more than 2,000 men, women, and youth who have HIV/AIDS, and make 10,000 contacts with at-risk individuals through outreach and HIV prevention.  62% of our diagnosed clients are African American, 19% Hispanic, 19% Anglo and other ethnicities—over 27% of these clients are women and more than 10% are children and youth.  92% of the at-risk individuals are ethnic and racial minorities, especially African American and Hispanic individuals.  Most of our clients have incomes that range from $0 to $800 per month, and almost half are homeless or living in transitional circumstances.

HIV/AIDS Outreach and Prevention
HIV/AIDS Direct Care