AIDS Interfaith Network (AIN) is a 26-year old HIV/AIDS service organization that works to prevent the spread of HIV and serves persons living with HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable populations.

As an integral part of the Dallas area continuum of HIV/AIDS care and prevention, currently AIN makes 10,000 contacts yearly with at-risk individuals primarily within communities disproportionately affected by HIV, while also serving over 2,000 men, women and youth who have HIV/AIDS.  In our clientele 63% are African American, 18% Hispanic, and 19% are Anglo and other ethnicities.  Of these clients, over 27% are women; more than 95% have very low incomes (under $10,000 per year); 48% are homeless or living in transitional circumstances; 90% are unemployed; 87% are uninsured; 56% are medically unable to work, and 57% have an AIDS diagnosis in addition to HIV.